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Cathay Industries USA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of iron oxide pigments and as such we are fully committed to the production of environmentally friendly products. Our Color Concept Solutions provide excellent performance as well as minimum impact to health and the environment. Our production processes are continuously improved as we strive for sustainability and a low carbon footprint.

**We maximize production efficiency

All production processes are designed for maximum yield, of which nearly 100% of raw materials are efficiently used.

**We produce non-hazardous pigments

Iron oxide pigments produced by CATHAY INDUSTRIES are non-hazardous. They are comparable to natural iron oxides, which are extremely stable. However, CATHAY INDUSTRIES products are far purer than their natural counterparts. This purity allows us to ensure highest quality levels.

**We conserve energy and cut waste

Because our production processes and logistical controls are so fine-tuned, CATHAY INDUSTRIES is able to produce customized pigment. We use the least possible energy and the most advanced state of art technology. As well, we complete each custom order and leave behind no wasted, off-spec material.